3D Printed Camera with Picture

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Choose style-

Keychain or No Keychain

the Keychain version the picture is stuck in place sticking out of the camera. The no keychain option the picture can come out of the camera, it will come out easily once flipped upside down so not suitable as a keychain that way, but would be perfect to set on a desk!

Choose color-

RAINBOW COLORS: Random in its color order and amount of color changes. Larger items will have more color changes while smaller items may only have a single color change as its dependent on how much filament is used to produce the model.

OMBRE COLORS: See Rainbow colors description above as they work the same.

TEMPERATURE COLOR CHANGE: Color changes happen at 88 Farenheight or 31 Celsius.

DUO/TRI-COLORS: All colors listed will be visible in every print regardless of size unlike rainbow.