Epoxy Glitter Girl Mouse Straw Topper

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These straw toppers are the perfect accessories for any tumbler! They are each made upon ordering and can use any color glitter you request! The colors used here are black, 24k and ruby.


First picture top left to bottom right: wisteria, true lavender, soft pink, rose gold, gold, coral crystal, neon green, silver, royal blue, aqua holographic, aqua, purple, glow in the dark, diamond, buttercup, lime, black, orange

2nd picture: pink ice, Ivy shimmer, silver holographic, silver peacock, 24 Karat, Ruby

3rd picture: espresso, lucky green, pumpkin, emerald mix, gunmetal, petal pink, blue jeans, light blue, silver holographic, rosy cheeks, diamond holographic, silver champagne, green holographic, silver champagne holographic, neon yellow